Custody & Parenting Time

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Grand Traverse County Friend of the Court

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That is your decision. If you make the decision to deny parenting time, you may be asked to explain to the Court at a contempt hearing why you felt your decision was in the best interest of the children.

Allegations of abuse or neglect should be reported to Children's Protective Services division of your local Department of Human Services.

See if you and your co-parent can agree to the change. Write down the agreed changes, and both parents should sign and date the letter. Submit the agreement to the Friend of the Court office. A stipulated order will then be prepared and submitted to the Court for approval. An agreement between parties is not enforceable without a Court order. If you and your co-parent are unable to reach an agreement, you may submit a written request to the Friend of the Court for a review of your parenting time provisions. Please indicate how circumstances have changed since your last order, and the reasons for requesting a review. File a motion with the Court for a change in the order on your own, or contact an attorney to assist you.

Eighteen. Children do not decide custody. Parents and/or the Court decide custody. The reasonable preference of the child is one of several factors the Court considers in reaching a custody decision.

You may contact the Friend of the Court and request enforcement. Requests for enforcement must be in writing. You may contact your attorney. If you have reason to believe the other parent does not intend to return the child, you may contact the police or the prosecuting attorney and request that parental kidnaping charges be filed.

Report your concerns to the Children's Protective Services unit of the Department of Human Services. You may also wish to provide your Friend of the Court Office with a written copy of your concerns so that they may be made a part of your file. The Friend of the Court office, however, does not have the authority to investigate and remove children in abuse or neglect matters. Further, the Friend of the Court cannot change your custody order based upon allegations of abuse or neglect.

No. For short-term absences, the custodial parent may make alternate care arrangements which may or may not include the non-custodial parent. Any Court-ordered parenting time must still occur.

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