Landlord and Tenant Rental Law

Landlord representation for evictions, effective collections and enforcement

Our firm is one of the leading law firms for handling landlord tenant matters in Northern Michigan. We offer services for commercial leases and residential leases, as well as land contracts forfeitures and foreclosures. Currently we represent a wide range of clientele such as large apartment complexes, mobile home parks, mineral right holders, property managers, and private rental unit owners. We also advocate for tenants when their rights have been breached. Our office also works closely with the Grand Traverse County Evictions Diversions Program to allow tenants to remain in properties while also ensuring rental payments to landlords.

Lynch Law can manage your case from the early notices through the eviction and collection proceedings. Most local jurisdictions require business owners and property managers to be represented by an attorney when seeking an eviction. Our goal is to minimize costly court battles while effectively finding equitable restitution.

Our landlord/ tenant areas include, but are not limited to:

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